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The Process

Exacta™ Helps Better Treatment Decisions

Exacta™ is a multi-analyte (RNA, DNA, CTC, Proteomics, and Live Cell Chemo-response) investigation to guide treatment against cancer that is most likely to be effective even in patients where cancer has become resistant. Please go through the information below understand Exacta™ better.

Know the Process

Exacta™ (Tissue)

Exacta™ (Blood)

Understanding Your Results

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Clinical Workflow

Exacta™ (Tissue)

Exacta™ (Blood)

Ordering Exacta™ is Easy

  • Please submit your request here, send us an e-mail at [email protected] or in case of urgency request a call back here;
  • We will share a Test Request Form to obtain more information and legal consent;
  • Patient’s blood and tissue (if available) are collected through the patient’s healthcare provider and forwarded to our nearest facility along with payment of charges;
  • Laboratory work and analysis are performed (see the process here);
  • Report is released in about 10 to 12 working days by e-mail.

Payment Options for Exacta™ Analysis

Explore payment options to determine which is right for you.