The World’s Most Advanced Cancer Profiling for Bespoke Anti-cancer Treatment Strategies

Created by Experts. Clinically Proven.


Encyclopedic multi-analyte tumor profiling to identify functional and molecular features of the tumor which then inform selection of personalized anti-cancer treatment regimens.

For Whom

Patients with advanced or difficult-to-treat cancers, especially where the cancer is not responding to treatments.


Tumor components including malignant cells, proteins, DNA and RNA are isolated from tumor tissue and/or blood, analyzed by molecular and functional assays to identify features associated with response (or lack of response) to anti-cancer agents. These findings are integrated to generate patient-specific treatment regimens.


Exacta™'s comprehensive, multi-dimensional and in-depth analysis of the cancer provides a detailed insight into tumor mechanisms. Such information has been clinically proven to help inform selection of safe and efficacious treatment regimens in cancers that do not respond to standard treatments.

Revolutionary Technology

Exacta is validated stringently to meet global standards.


  • Clinically proven to inform the selection of safe and efficacious treatments.
  • Includes assessment of all molecular biomarkers indicated in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines.
  • Evaluates additional clinically relevant biomarkers.
  • Chemo-response profiling of live tumor / tumor associated cells aids the accurate selection of chemotherapy drugs.
  • Guides treatment selection in label compliant as well as off-label settings.


A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Cancer Early,
So That It Could Be Cured.

A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis.
It Could Save Your Life.

We can help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.

A Powerful Test For Better Management and
Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


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